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  • Sandy Combs is an enthusiastic, compassionate, and professional practitioner. I’ve tried many therapies but none of them addressed my core issues; thinking rationally, properly managing my emotions, and using my mind to it's full potential. . I feel better equipped to now live a less stressful and more joyful life. I realize now that I have more potential than I'd ever thought and I feel empowered. Thanks to Sandy, I know I don't have to feel mentally or psychologically "stuck" anymore. I recommend anyone who struggles with attention or memory problems, anxiety and/or depression, or negative and toxic thinking to make an appointment with Sandy. As much as it is helping me in so many different aspects of life, I know there are others who will benefit as well.
  • I never really knew I had a learning problem; school just came a little harder for me than for others. I had a difficult time in reading, math, writing and spelling. Basically, all of my subjects were hard. My mom got very frustrated with me because I just couldn't understand concepts like my three older siblings could. I was going into 7th grade and still needed a lot of help from my mom. I had about eight sessions with Sandy and I just completed 8th grade and I needed little to no assistance from my mom. It was a great school year.
  • Sandy is knowledgeable, caring and competent. Sandy can help people alleviate all sorts of neurological symptoms, from specific learning disabilities to general anxiety. I highly recommend her services

School is going great! Joshua is really amazing me lately with what he can remember and how much better he can focus. –K.G.

William has been doing better in completing tasks also he hasn’t had anymore sleepwalking. –A.D.

Thank you, Ms. Sandy for you help. I am feeling much better, not as impatient or quick to anger.  I already feel a difference in my memory abilities, so I am grateful for that too. -H.W.

I’m not sure if my mom sent you feedback but her changes have been nearly miraculous. -W.C.

Brian’s overall health has definitely improved. Often when he would eat meat, his brain would totally shut down and he wouldn’t be able to think straight for at least a day.  And with his diabetes, it is extremely important that he eat a good amount of protein. Over the past month and a half, he has been able to drop 3 units off of his basel insulin. His thinking processes have definitely shown improvement. His ability to communicate with others has improved, his adaptability has sped up, his sleep cycle is much more constant, and he has been able to set some goals for the future. -J.F.

We have seen a marked change in Adam since his appointment. He is much more cooperative when doing his schoolwork. -K.H.

My pain I was feeling in my back is like night and day. -J.C.

After being rear-ended while sitting at a red light, I suffered brain trauma that left me with severe brain-fog, confusion, & a stammer, which turned into a full-blown stutter.  It was truly debilitating, I was overly emotional, and I felt plain “stupid.” After seeing Sandy, the stutter disappeared, my mind began to clear, my emotions balanced back out, and I was able to process what was going on around me “normally.”  In my case, especially with the stutter and stammering, the change occurred that very day!  If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would have been hard pressed to believe it!  I am so thankful! As for Sandy, I so appreciate her professionalism and her heart for helping people.  She is so very conscientious of her client’s time and the money they are paying for her services.  That is truly a rare quality! -S.M.

Driving in to work was much easier.  No panic when cars were next to me, no panic with 18-wheelers.  Thank you so very much! -H.W.

I just wanted to give you an update on Ella’s headaches. She has had several headache free days, a first since her injury.  When she does have one, it is often on just one side or just the edges instead of her whole head. She also says she isn’t getting as much motion sickness.  -K.H.

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for quite some time. I was also feeling emotionally out of control when dealing with my children. After several sessions with Sandy, my anxiety and depression feelings are much better. –J.Y.

Our son always struggled to ride a bike. He was embarrassed; he just couldn’t do it as much as he tried. He was diagnosed with ADHD as well as other learning difficulties. After a few sessions, our ten-year-old son had the courage to get on a two-wheel bike again. To our surprise, he experienced the joy and art of riding a bike the same day! S.B.

So, last night was the first day I’ve eaten (cole slaw, chicken and bbq sauce) and I didn’t have any problems after.  Nothing.  I had a little pain this morning but compared to the symptoms I’ve been having, I’m shocked. –J.B.

After the session when you worked on Sophia’s pain in her tailbone, her pain level went from a 10 to a 4 and her abdomen is not bloating as much, AND my carnivore is no longer interested in eating all that meat. –S.M.

I have always had to memorize concepts and signals for my job and it was always difficult. Not only were they hard to memorize, but they were even difficult to understand. After working with Sandy, I not only have a greater ability to remember them, but I understand them now too. -H.W.

Drew is really getting his basketball drills down. He also played a scrimmage game and Drew made 3- 3 pointers. –C.G.

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